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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The GT is Ready for it's maiden Voyage.....

Jensen GT AKA "Butterscotch Pudding"

My girlfriend ( Allie) and I arrived in Perkasie PA to pick up the Jensen GT. Allie had nver been on a long trip in a British Car, but she was so excited to share the experience with me. The interior was finished and looked fabulous. It was a perfect mach for the outside. Allie Baptized the car "Butterscotch Pudding" or "MISS B" for short. The actual color from the Factory is Saturn Gold, but I really liked Allies name much better.

We jumped in the car and I immediately noticed how much more plush the interior is on the GT compared to the Jensen Healey. The Fit and Finish of all the interior pieces is much better quality and there seems to be some soundproofing somewhere as the car is much quieter than my JH. This is probably mainly because of the carbs ( stromberg equipped) compared to my delortos on my JH. The exterior body gaps are also tighter than my JH giving it a nice appearance on the outside.
We departed Perkasie at 630pm and were scheduled to arrive in manhattan, Ny to meet friends for dinner at 8:30pm. The car ran beautifully on the way up to Manhattan, across the GW bridge and into a nearby parking garage. All the guages were exactly where they should be and I was amazed the car with all the lights on, blinkers, stereo, heater/ac unit running at the same time had no trouble charging the battery... as the amp meter stayed in the middle the entire drive. The new Vintage air system was fantastic. It really pumps out the HEAT and the Cold Air... amazing. It is so robust, it will be a joy cruising around in the summer time with this car.
The car is much slower than my healey. My healey has dellortos, 777 cams, higher compression pistons, and a moon shaped " Green dot" cams. It didnt take long to get used to the GT though, it was a pleasant experience on all levels. One big advantage is the interior noise is low and the car is much smoother than my healey when idling.
We stayed over in White plains NY after dinner. The next day, the car fired up on the first try with a full blast of choke and we were off on an uneventful beautiful trip back to Maine. I will be using this car alot as it is a wonderful, surprisingly comfortable touring car. The folks in Perkasie installed some 910 lotus cam covers to replace the original "RUBBER GASKET CAM COVERS". not original, but it really is nice to not have to worry about oil leaking from the cam covers anymore.
I wanted to be sure I publically thanked BRETT GIBSON for doing some wonderful carburator work and electrical work on my car. He literally spent days fixing and rebuilding the entire electrical system on the GT and I am so grateful as it is perfect. He also fixed some small rust holes which were very hard to find and fix. He is truly a master at jensens and I just wish I had 1% of his knowledge. I spend an Afternoon at his house in Hilton, Ny one weekend and learned all about rebuilding the Stromberg Carburator. I forgot some of the things, but I remembered most of it. Brett's "JENSEN SPA" is a worthly place for every jensen to visit.