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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Airconditioning update

The original airconditioning system was just useless. First the all, it was marginal at best even when it was operating properly, and secondly, almost every part was in need of a complete rebuild to work properly. I investigated a brand new system by "Vintage air" and discovered I could have a brand new much more powerful and efficient system for roughly the same price as having the original system rebuilt.

The controls are different with the new vintage air system as the system works off of servo controlled electric motors. The evaporator is 30% more efficient than the original and the compressor is brand new. The Dash needed refinishing anyway, so I sent all the dash wood out to Madera Concepts in California. They professionally cut the new dash to fit the new style airconditioning controls and since a couple switches are no longer needed and different dash vents are used, the folks at madera custom cut every new hole and properly sized the new Vent holes to look completely custom and factory new. I picked a Carpithian Elm Burl for my new dash and am very happy with the look. The Wood is a bit lighter than the original Dark walnut, but the orange glow and "lighter" grain really match well with the two toned leather interior.

The "Vintage Air" Control box fits under the dash easily with just a minor firewall cut to hold it firmly in place. One bracket was fabricated as a holddown. The unit is completely self contained.... heater, defroster, fan, and airconditioning are all operated with electric servo controls for reliable and efficient air movement.